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Welcome To The Website For 'The Greatest Escape'

After almost a quarter of a century of research I am pleased to say that the full manuscript of the book is with the publisher for typesetting and with the dust cover artwork all now approved everything is almost set for publication.

The Greatest Escape

'The Greatest Escape', the story of my father's exploits in Bomber Command and as a PoW in Germany during the Second World War will be published in time for the 80th Anniversary of the raid that he was shot down on 5th May 1943. For the first time it is the story of the crew of Halifax JB869 H-Harry and what happened to them in the night skies of Europe and subsequently, for the three who survived, as prisoners.


I shall be updating the site regularly with reviews, news, signings and events and further insights into the book and hope that you will pop back from time to time and check-out the latest news.

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