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Flying High !!!

Hello everyone ! Wow where does the time go !! Apologies that I've not posted for a while , just the challenges of trying to balance work, family and the book !! But there has been some superb things happening around the release of TGE that I wanted to share..... So here we go.

First off, the book is doing well and I have been receiving 5 star reviews from those lovely folk who have bought a copy and been in touch with me - some have been really affected by the narrative in the book and it has clearly left a strong impression on them (please see the reviews section on this website). It's great to see the book has great distribution is is out there in various retailers (including online via amazon etc).

In terms of press and PR coverage there have been some great reviews , including an excellent quote for The Times & Sunday Times in Scotland and also coverage of the book in the specialist press including The Caterham & Lotus 7 Club magazine (may owners are ex-RAF and also bods interested in military history.

Finally - I was also very proud to be invited to the Bomber Command Memorial Service in London with my wife on 25th June 2023 with a lunch after at The RAF Club as guests of the RAF Benevolent Fund. We were really looking forward to it and I had a book with me to donate to the extensive library that the club has. Regrettably, through the incompetence of the rail network, we ended up stranded at Woking along with dozens of other people with no trains, no info and no cabs and so missed the event. My contact at the fund was lovely and ended up sending me an amazing gift - a special edition book about the RAF memorial in Green Park, from its conception to eventual realisation and the considerable hurdles they had to overcome to see it through to completion. It's a fabulous book and includes a piece by Calton Younger, ex POW - I knew Calton and he was, as all vets were/are, incredibly genrous with his time and his help.

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