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Webinar Presentation now available to Watch Online !

I was recently invited by the founder of the Allied Air Force Research Group (Clare Wilson) to give a Webinar presentation/talk as one of their guest speakers in 2023. Past speakers include renowned historians and authors such as Dilip Sakar MBE (Battle of Britain), Chris Goss (102 Squadron History) Dr John Sweetman (The Dambusters) and Martin Bowman (Bomber Command).

The subject for my talk focused on the fine margins that often governed survival for aircrew both in the air and on the ground during the Bomber War. Life (or death) often depended on such things as which aircraft they flew in, which crew position they occupied, the circumstances of them baling out (or not) and their reception on the ground.... all coupled with a large slice of luck. The presentation lasts about an hour and there is a Q&A at the end ( click in the link above to view).

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