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Reviews & Quotes

A selection of comments and quotes received  from readers 

‘An amazing and well-written book, so glad I read it. Not a dry eye I have to say’                                              

Jane Morris


‘A fitting tribute to his father and those like him. The author has done a great job of shining a light on the lack of recognition for the men of Bomber Command. Well done’ !

John Harkness


‘Very well-written and that captures the feelings of the individuals involved in these historic events’                   

Richard Cleveland

‘A wonderful book of particular interest to me as my father also served as a navigator in 102 Squadron at the same time as the author's father’                   

Colin Hewlett


‘A profoundly moving book that represents 24 years of research into his father’s life and wartime record. It is as fine a tribute as any son could make, not only to his late father but also to his Bomber Command comrades, so many of whom did not survive to enjoy the freedom for which they fought. This is not an easy book to read. The author rightly doesn’t shrink from describing the savagery and gratuitous cruelty meted out by the German guards, the most depraved of whom no longer possessed even a trace of humanity. Many prisoners died, executed randomly, cut down by disease or simply of malnutrition'.

John Aston – Book Reviewer

‘An amazing piece of work, well-written and researched’

Magnus Llewellin – Editor (Times & Sunday Times Scotland)


‘Such a powerful story, so much courage, so much appalling cruelty’                   

Irene Moore


‘So compelling. I am Harold Barratt’s nephew and proud to have had him in my life for 37 years. Intense and full of detail – a book not to be missed’

Adrian Locke


‘Amazing moment young Nazi soldier saved downed RAF airman from a lynching at the hand of German mob thirsty for revenge after Dambusters raid is revealed in a new book. The close escape is detailed for the first time 80 years on by Sgt Barratt's son Martin, who has written a book about his father's wartime experiences titled 'The Greatest Escape’.

The Daily Mail

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