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The Eagle Has Landed

The Eagle has landed !!!!!

The book's not out officially until the 30th but received my advance copies and I'm really pleased with how its's turned out. They look great and can't wait to see it in the shops. Lots of people I need to thank (and you all know who you are).

It was an odd feeling opening the package and then seeing a flash of the cover - the culmination of 25 years work and in some ways a chapter closing (excuse the pun, my debt to the past now paid. Flicking through and seeing the old man in the plate section made me well-up briefly (until I heard his unmistakeable tones of 'Get a grip boy' in my ear.

I am immensely proud of this book. It's finally written and printed and those of you who have ordered a copy - thank you, I hope you enjoy reading it and with the RAF Benevolent Fund also benefiting from sales via a share of my royalties you are also helping those whose need is great.

'Never give up, never give in'.

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