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Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Well, here it is folks - my book went live to preorder on the publishers website yesterday with an introductory offer price of £20.00 against an RRP of £25.00. The book is published on 30th April.

I’m afraid I can’t promise stories of fights in kitchens, broken necklaces and so forth but the story of this Harry, my father, will hopefully prove equally engaging and will move off the shelves.

Please note that I have decided to donate a percentage of my royalties from the book to the RAF Benevolent Fund in memory of my father and his crew – I think that would have drawn a rare nod of approval from him if he were here bless him – so please do share the link with anyone you feel may be interested.

The order page for the book can be found here

Almost 25 years of work , on and off, has gone into this book about dad and his crew. I hope I've done those lads justice - I really can't wait to hold a printed copy in my hands !!

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