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Fine Margins - Flying on Ops in 1943

As the publication date for the book looms the promotional activity is starting to appear. I have a couple of magazine articles about the book in progress and have also been invited by a respected aviation history group to give an online talk. I'm very flattered to be asked and will post details of the talk (and also the magazine features) as and when dates and times are confirmed.

This month I'm also the guest author blogger on my publishers website and I talk about writing the book during lockdown and reflecting on the loss of freedoms which we all took so much for granted. Lockdown also resonated with the realisation of what it must have been like to have become a POW in those times and suddenly finding oneself caged (although deprivation of liberty was to prove the least of their worries).

I also talk a little about the task of trying to combine nearly a quarter of a century of research into a condensed and informative narrative and to try and bring to life the story of seven men, all from wildly different backgrounds, who were - to quote my father - herded to together 'closer than brothers', living together, flying together, drinking together and for some, dying together.

Four of them would never get the chance to tell their story - the other three, like so many who survived, would only speak with others who had been through the same experiences for how could anyone else possibly understand unless they had been there?

I am pleased that, finally, I can give these men - including my father - a voice.

For those who would like to read the blog, please click on the link below.

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