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At the Heart of The RAF

As the book nears publication I am pleased to announce official supporter status of the RAF Benevolent Fund (see These guys undertake a superb array of initiatives to support all in the RAF Family including veterans, those current serving and their families. I wanted to do something to play a small part in helping this work continue in memory of my father and the crew of JB869 to help this work continue and so a percentage of my share of net profits from book sales will go to the RAFBF and they in turn have been superb in helping to promote the book.

In other news many of those who know me know that I like my classic cars and I run a 1990 Caterham 7 Super sprint as well as a classic Jaguar. A collection of Caterhams on the road is known as a Squadron and the Caterham and Lotus 7 Club, of which I am a member, has a large number of services guys (ex and serving) with an interest in the RAF. In this months club magazine, aptly called 'Lowflying', the club very kindly ran a double page feature on the forthcoming book.

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